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Cyber Security Compliance

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Many businesses recognize the benefit and competitive advantage gained through attaining internationally recognized standards. Several standards incorporate information security which translates directly into cyber security.


We are unique in the ability to work with businesses to take them through ourthree-step process -Secure, Comply, Certify,utilizing strong relationships we havewith consultants, auditors and certification bodies.

We are also able to offer independent cyber security consultancy, advice and coaching to help you identify the cyber security needs of your business.


We can work you towards:


·· Lexcel – Legal Sector Practice Management Standard

·· ISO27001 – Information Security Management System (ISMS)

·· ISO27032 – Cyber Security

·· ISO22302 – Business Continuity

·· PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.




Further to assessing cyber dangers and threats and helping and growing countrywide capacities thru programs, tasks and events, in addition to issuing certificate of compliance with countrywide facts protection requirements, granting accreditation to carrier vendors and examining protection vetting labs further to comparing software program and hardware devices.


These duties are in addition info as below:


Proposing and growing cybersecurity regulations, legislations, requirements and controls, and following-up on adherence and compliance in coordination with the involved countrywide government.


Developing and enforcing countrywide Cyber Risk Framework, discover, and classifying important sectors and getting ready the National Cyber Security Strategy.


Planning and executing National Cyber Security Drills to make certain readiness for commercial enterprise continuity and hazard control and discover regions of enhancements


Issuing certificate of compliance with countrywide requirements and regulations for facts protection and reviewing and auditing them periodically.


Setting requirements and controls for Accrediting cybersecurity carrier vendors and issuing accreditation certificate.


Issuing cyber protection warranty certificate for devices, systems, and packages according with countrywide and worldwide frameworks and requirements.


Personal Data Privacy Protection Law (PDPPL) regulator answerable for making sure compliance to the law, growing, and publishing applicable guidelines, and tasty stakeholders.



At Shield Technology Programs, we offer cyber security compliance consulting solutions to help organizations in managing risk better, adhere to security compliances, etc. Our team of professional cyber security compliance experts assists you in getting rid of confusion related to regulations. Besides, we also offer the broadest range of security programs and assessments all of which are customized as per your business needs.


Most Reliable Service Provider of Cyber Security Compliances


The cybersecurity compliance policies our team of experts offer are all expertly written. Through our compliance consultation, you can understand what assets you should protect besides determining your business’ present stage of preparedness.


Through our consultations, you can address cyber-attacks better and reduce the damage’s impact. Our team of specialists will also help you recuperate from an attack easily with plans to restore capability. All our cyber security policies are designed following your business's risk management framework.