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Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

Best Fleet Management System

If you happen to own a fleet company, then you would constantly be worried about where your vehicles are and whether they need maintenance. The best fleet management system from Shield Technology Programs can help you with better fleet management. Through our offered software solutions, you get to track your fleet, minimize cost, and streamline your operations. Our Best fleet management system is suitable for all types of enterprises; big and small. They prove handy in delivering the best fleet intelligence for your business requirements. Improve Your Fleet Management Company Through our fleet management software solution, you can even improve efficiency and safety. Now you can impress your customers with quick deliveries and exact ETA’s.


Also, you can track your inventory parts and manage them with a dedicated page. Tracking your fleet in real-time gets easy with our fleet management system. The software ensures the completion of more jobs in lesser hours and better dispatch algorithms. Talk to us to learn more about fleet management software. Real-time tracking A fleet manager can manage vehicles efficiently and swiftly with our vehicle tracking software. You can track the real-time locations of your vehicles and recognize their whereabouts within seconds. Push notifications The fleet manager and drivers receive immediate push notifications and real-time alerts from our software. Our program can reduce the time needed for driver communication. Geo-fencing. The fleet managers can create a predetermined boundary along a route using the geo-fencing feature. The fleet managers receive Geo-fencing notifications from the smart alarm system once the driver breaches the boundary line. Vehicle management, fuel management You will be able to easily manage vehicle fleets, receive notifications for vehicle maintenance, and reduce needless fuel costs thanks to the advanced features