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IP Phone System Installation

IP Phone System Installation

In today's business world, you must be efficient to be successful. Communication is essential in any industry. We understand that one solution is not one size fits all, so we partner with multiple phone manufacturers to ensure that you have options for your specific needs. From small systems to large systems, we have the experience and partnerships to provide the right phone system for your business.


We know reliability is a top priority. Other variables considered when customizing a telecom package are cost, ease of use, migration path, and unique business needs. When determining the best phone system package for your business, it's important to seek professional help for selection, installation, and maintenance to ensure proper performance and the best results for your needs.


Here are some features of our telephone systems:



Caller ID

Voicemail to email

Call recording

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You have options!

Are you a small business with few phone lines and want to keep your phone lines simple? We have a low-cost, guaranteed system that fits the bill.

Are you a large business with multiple locations and want to streamline your phone bills and internal communications? We are telecommunications experts and can design and implement custom system designs using your data network.


Intercom System

We understand that one solution does not fit all. That's why we partner with multiple intercom manufacturers to ensure that you have options to suit your specific needs.

We can offer several options for intercom systems to suit your needs.


- IP-based audio intercom system.

- IP-based audio/video intercom system.

- Analog audio intercom system.

- Analog Audio/Video Intercom System.

IP Services for Phone in Qatar


A reputable and long-standing provider of IP services for phones in Qatar, Telephone System Installation SHIELD TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS has the experience and a solid reputation. We provide PBX systems that are easier to use, more affordable, and give consumers hassle-free communication.


We are experts in putting up services for both small and large organizations using IP phones. We utilize the greatest telecom system available and are prepared to guarantee the highest level of system quality.


We provide solutions that are fully compatible with various IP PBX, softphones, SIP-based systems, and open-source telephony platforms. They are simple to install and configure, with features like bulk deployment capability, auto firmware upgrading and set-up, and a web interface for manual or local configuration.


Key systems are outdated, low-tech solutions that don't scale as your company expands, and phone systems from bigger manufacturers are just too pricey. The times have changed, though, owing to open-source IP telephony systems.