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Time Lapse Solution

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Progressive Shooting: We believe in quality professionalism and use custom designed maintenance free cameras for progressive shooting. Provides real-time video feeds from construction sites. Our work is hassle free and suitable for further use.


Drone Footage and Film:

  • Day and Night Footage (Aerial Photography)

  • Indoor Footage (Architectural and Industrial Indoor Footage)

  • All Permits (can be filmed anywhere in Qatar)

  • Heavy Lifting Drones (1DC 4K, 5D Mark III)

  • Axis Gimbal (Ultra Stabilized Video)

  • HD Photo and HD Video

TimeLapse Filming:

  • 4K Ultra HD TimeLapse Videos: We believe it is important to set new standards with each new project. We provide high quality service and use our timelapse camera to create Ultra HD timelapse movies, marketing materials and historical archives. Project management teams, security teams, designers, and project consultants can also access the documentation. When these epic recordings are put together, a short film can be made from a long project journey in no time. You have all the options to zoom, pan and crop these images without losing quality.


  • TimeLapse Storage on the Cloud: Equipped with various great advantages, Shield Technology takes a step forward into the digital world to provide the ultimate cloud online storage, sync and file sharing solution. Do you want safe and secure storage? Access your site from any device, access your data with a custom URL, and choose your layout, logo, and customer login. With a customizable web gallery of latest photos, these are sent directly to your dropbox account or his FTP server, along with all full resolution photos.


  • Real-Time TimeLapse Status Reporting: Shield Technology works in true real time. This means you can view the status report from anywhere and from any device, such as iPhone/iPad or Android phone. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Once hooked up, you'll be happy with the safety of your gear and the progress of your work. That doesn't mean you might be able to see every detail in the web interface through automatic email notifications about progress or if something goes wrong.


  • 4G-Integrated Intervalometer: Configure your system, get status updates, send and backup photos directly to your web gallery over the 4G network. At the heart of the Shield Technology system is a low-power controller that triggers the camera and periodically connects to the 4G network to receive configuration settings, send photos, and provide status updates. These specialized custom devices use HSDPA, the world's most widely used 4G technology.

  • Fully Solar-Powered TimeLapse

  • Best Weatherproof TimeLapse Housing


Time Lapse Solutions in Qatar

SHIELD TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS is one of the time-lapse solutions Construction Companies near Qatar.When recording photos, we employ 4K still cameras. Our professionals assemble the photographs at the project's conclusion to produce a video of broadcast quality.


Your clients, future clients, clients, employees, and potential workers will be able to see a multi-month or multi-year project being built in only a few minutes after it is finished.


The timelapse movie of a project being developed from the ground up to completion is the most gratifying timelapse video to watch. When the subject of a timelapse undergoes a significant and aesthetically captivating shift throughout, this is when time-lapses shine.


A lengthy construction timelapse film is the best method to display the effort, blood, and tears your team put into the projects you have produced. The task you have completed should make you proud.