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Enterprise IT services is a strict percentage of businesses that lead to radical development in various industries, even entrepreneurs agree.

The logic of providing the right IT services to customers, increasing profits, increasing productivity, and all these factors contribute to the company's growth. Shield Technology provides efficient, innovative, cost-effective, and preferred IT services. Sophisticated IT services for your organization are essential to achieving optimal business performance.

Our experts will help you develop your new strategy. Our new challenging method is redesigning and reimagining implementation methods to accelerate your organization's accurate response. With a strong technical force, we have successfully planned, defined, and delivered superior IT services for various industries in Qatar.


A short list of the IT services we offer…


  1. IT Infrastructure Management:

It is our responsibility to manage your entire IT infrastructure. A dedicated IT team implements advanced technical methods to build the infrastructure. Our action plan includes the analysis, planning, and operation of technology initiatives to help transform or develop your business to a high standard by any means possible.

  1. IT Customer Support:

Qatar's IT Customer Support team is available 24/7 as serving our customers is our motto. Online, offline, and face-to-face IT customer support is just a click away from immediate problem resolution. You can schedule service requests based on your needs.

  1. Annual maintenance contract:

Business with Shield Technology services is always a better approach as AMC with monthly, annual contracts minimizes the burden on the organization. Our Solution includes vastly improved customer planning, action-to-call service, complete software/hardware issue management, data recovery and related services, providing a hygienic and secure platform for your business guaranteed.

  1. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Shield Technology's official software protects data on your server, laptop, desktop, or NAS. Our encryption procedures prevent and limit unauthorized access. Our restoring methods reduce business risks. Our flexible data and recovery methods save your time, data and improve efficiency. We let your data be authenticated.

  1. Remote working solutions:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand and provide complete, secure, remote IT solutions to support & IT service Qatar business during this unprecedented uncertainty.

  1. Wireless solutions:

Expertise in designing various WiFi solutions for SMBs to make sure that our customers get the maximum internet output and seamless data access and transfer between devices.

  1. VoIP Phone Solutions:

Shield Technology is an IP telephony system provider based in Doha, Qatar with experienced IP telephony engineers. We provide PABX installation in Qatar and PBX services in Qatar. We offer bespoke solutions for each customer.

  1. Network Solutions:

Future-proof network solutions that meet expectations for resilience, security, manageability, resilience, network visibility and economics.

  1. IT Security Solutions:

The Network Firewall is designed to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets.

Apart from these IT services, we extend our services to Structural Cabling Services, Business/PABX Telephone Systems, CCTV/DVR Installations, Fiber Optic Cabling Services, and Biometric Systems.

Whether your company needs dependable IT supports Qataror assistance in developing unique applications. SHIELD TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS can satisfy your demands for technology-based business solutions as a full-service supplier.

By connecting technology to your business objectives, we assist your company in converting data into profit. Based on your unique needs, our team of software developers is prepared to design, create, and customize the software.

We are a market leader in offering innovative technology solutions with a sensible approach to businesses of all sizes. Through ITS Intelligent Technology Solutions, we'll help your organization function more effectively and modernize, from creating distinctive strategies to providing the goods, services, and expertise.

We are a top-tier IT consulting firm that offers excellent services at competitive prices to clients in the public and commercial sectors. Our services are provided across most technological platforms, operating systems, and infrastructures on a project- or strategic staffing basis. We like getting to know our clients and figuring out how we can best support them in maximizing their enterprises.

Whether your company needs dependable IT supports Qataror assistance in developing unique applications. SHIELD TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS can satisfy your demands for technology-based business solutions as a full-service supplier.