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Forensic Technology

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At Shield Technology in Qatar, we are committed to:

Investigating forensic fraud and misconduct allegations using state-of-the-art forensic technology.

Collecting company information for legitimate purposes Dealing with dispute resolution.

Actively engage in developing anti-fraud strategies.

Comply with ISA 240 practices to combat audit fraud Protect intellectual property and maintain contract performance.


We provide the most recent forensic technology services anywhere, whether as a stand-alone service offering, or in combination with an investigation, lawsuit, or dispute. We take the goals and objectives of our clients and put them into practice in a methodical and forensically sound manner.

Shield Technology has a great deal of expertise in helping customers move quickly and affordably through all stages of the electronic disclosure process, from information governance to presentation in court. We attempt to make this complicated and labour-intensive area of litigation as easy and efficient as feasible by combining our extensive knowledge with cutting-edge technology.