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Microsoft Solution

  • It’s Exchange (Like IMAP with steroids). And by steroids, we mean a 50GB mailbox plus the capability to send attachments up to 150 MB. Plus, an Online Portal (portal.office.com), that is way, way better than cPanel’s Roundcube, Horde and SquirrelMail.

  • Your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks are synchronized everywhere (yes, even in supported mobile devices & on OWA (Outlook Web App).

  • Built for Enterprises, Highly Secured (https), Reliable (99.99% uptime), robust and user-friendly, promoting productivity & collaboration above all else.

  • Your online hard drive. You can literally store and organize any document in a secure cloud location accessible anywhere. Used effectively for backup and file synchronization.

  • Supports file collaboration, file sharing and file permissions. It works like an Active Directory.

  • Similar architecture to OneDrive for Business, but for the whole team (those sharing a similar domain name with you).

  • The best solution for file collaboration as it supports co-authoring.

  • SharePoint library can be integrated with Windows Operating Systems.

  • Helps you provide real time, spontaneous communication with fellow users inside your domain through IMs instead of e-mails. (Thus, saving you more inbox space!)

  • Promotes collaboration, participation, knowledge consolidation, increased productivity and employee satisfaction – thus improving corporate environment.

  • Helps expose employee’s hidden expertise (like, for example in the case of a forum, who answers the most questions), unlocking some’s hidden potentials.

  • A searchable database of conversations beneficial to everyone in the company – knowledge collaboration.

  • Delve studies you throughout your usage of Office365, tracks user interactions with people and documents, and brings you the content which are most likely relevant to you, real time.

  • An AI. Useful for reviewing topics / projects out of heaps of conversations, collaborations, and discussions that you are involved or have viewed.

  • Almost as useful as their counterpart desktop versions, effective when you are on the go or when you don’t have Office installed.

  • Works seamlessly with other Office365 apps: co-authorization, file-saving, file sharing, assigning permissions, file collaboration, and a lot more ways for you to utilize their harmony with each other.

  • Basically, you have your whole Office on the cloud, because of they work with each other. (Yeah, both literally and metaphorically).

  • Sway is like Delve. It brings you what you need depending on the focus of your presentation, enabling a fast deployment pace powered with a highly user-friendly environment.

  • Responsive! (Like a web browser presentation) yet with minimal capabilities compared with PowerPoint.

  • Sure, you could use normal Skype, but Skype for Business is designed for, well, businesses – it is more robust, reliable and has a higher quality when it comes to calls and conferences.

  • Recording and message-saving, voicemail, deeply integrated with Office365 apps, supports a larger conference and permissions-capable.