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Microsoft Solution Provider in Qatar

A trusted partner of Microsoft in Qatar for 13 years, we have served countless local and international clients in advising and right fitting the correct solution out of the many robust alternatives Microsoft has to offer.

Be it an exchange server, Sharepoint, Azure, or even just an Office. We got your back.

Now you can expand your business through our Microsoft solutions. As the most certified and reputable Microsoft solution provider in Qatar, we offer specialized up-to-date Microsoft-based technology to offer customers. We help you to achieve your business objectives besides helping you to address a solution that caters to your business needs.

We have a trusted relationship with Microsoft to offer a broad spectrum of best-quality IT solutions that range from consultancy, incorporations, operations and maintenance. It is our task to help most of our Microsoft technologies reach more customers so they get a comprehensive solution.

Through our Microsoft solution, you can master the cloud and connect with the staff besides reducing IT costs. Being the world-class solution provider of Microsoft solutions, we also help you to simplify your business procedures by protecting your Microsoft needs in one place.

It doesn’t matter what your Microsoft needs are, we have all the solutions you need with our professional guidance. Through our Microsoft solution, you can also upskill the IT teams and your employees.


Microsoft Solution

It’s Exchange (Like IMAP with steroids). And by steroids, we mean a 50GB mailbox plus the capability to send attachments up to 150 MB. Plus, an Online Portal

(portal.office.com), that is way, way better than cPanel’s Roundcube, Horde and SquirrelMail.


Your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks are synchronized everywhere (yes, even in supported mobile devices & on OWA (Outlook Web App).


Built for Enterprises, Highly Secured (https), Reliable (99.99% uptime), robust and user-friendly, promoting productivity & collaboration above all else.


 Your online hard drive. You can literally store and organize any document in a secure cloud location accessible anywhere. Used effectively for backup and file



Supports file collaboration, file sharing and file permissions. It works like an Active Directory.


Similar architecture to OneDrive for Business, but for the whole team (those sharing a similar domain name with you).


 The best solution for file collaboration as it supports co-authoring.


SharePoint library can be integrated with Windows Operating Systems.


Helps you provide real time, spontaneous communication with fellow users inside your domain through IMs instead of e-mails. (Thus, saving you more inbox space!)


Promotes collaboration, participation, knowledge consolidation, increased productivity and employee satisfaction – thus improving corporate environment.


 Helps expose employee’s hidden expertise (like, for example in the case of a forum, who answers the most questions), unlocking some’s hidden potentials.


A searchable database of conversations beneficial to everyone in the company – knowledge collaboration.


Delve studies you throughout your usage of Office365, tracks user interactions with people and documents, and brings you the content which are most likely relevant

to you, real time.


An AI. Useful for reviewing topics / projects out of heaps of conversations, collaborations, and discussions that you are involved or have viewed.


Almost as useful as their counterpart desktop versions, effective when you are on the go or when you don’t have Office installed.


Works seamlessly with other Office365 apps: co-authorization, file-saving, file sharing, assigning permissions, file collaboration, and a lot more ways for you to

utilize their harmony with each other.


 Basically, you have your whole Office on the cloud, because of they work with each other. (Yeah, both literally and metaphorically).


 Sway is like Delve. It brings you what you need depending on the focus of your presentation, enabling a fast deployment pace powered with a highly user-friendly



 Responsive! (Like a web browser presentation) yet with minimal capabilities compared with PowerPoint.


Sure, you could use normal Skype, but Skype for Business is designed for, well, businesses – it is more robust, reliable and has a higher quality when it comes to

calls and conferences.


Recording and message-saving, voicemail, deeply integrated with Office365 apps, supports a larger conference and permissions-capable.