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A website's backend is everything the user can't see. In general, this means programming to generate the pages that the user sees and to create the "server-side" content of your website. These are scripts, instructions, databases, and other automated functions that the server executes. Backend development involves the implementation of servers and the logical interaction of data, as well as its storage and transmission. Backend developers typically use programming languages ​​such as PHP, Python, and Go, and newer JavaScript libraries such as Node.js. Web backends serve desktop and mobile web frontends, and mobile and desktop apps:








Mobile App:


  • The process we follow at Shield Technology is transparent. We provide daily updates so you can watch your ideas grow.
  • Good things take time. Building a successful app takes time, but we have the expertise and perseverance.
  • Your safety is our number one priority. You trust us to ensure the security of your app idea.
  • We fully live up to our label as one of the leading mobile app development companies by using an agile methodology.
  • We plan projects from a global perspective. Our developers will be in touch with you to understand your goals and plan accordingly.
  • We offer amazing digital solutions that never put a dent in your pocket. Our pricing policy is flexible and the best in the business.

Web & Mobile Application Development Company


We are a website and mobile app development company in Qatar providing our clients with the greatest responsive web design that functions effectively across devices of all resolutions since the mobile-first strategy has become the standard for organizations.


The fact that we comprehend a brand's ethos and create their websites in line with the spirit of their firm distinguishes us as one of the top Website Development Company in Qatar.


The foundation of a responsive web design is our strategy, which takes into account changes in browsers, device characteristics, and varied feature detection.


The number of web developers in Qatar is growing quickly. Enterprise-level businesses use comprehensive e-commerce solutions, bespoke website development, and CMS systems to meet their unique operational needs.


Our extensive experience in the sector has given us the discretion to recognize and comprehend specialty customer needs across all industrial verticals. We provide our clients with advice on creating digital solutions for their businesses for the same purpose.